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Five Personal Training Sessions
  • 1 to 1 Coach to Athlete Ratio - helps remove any concerns about getting started.
  • Customized Sessions - personalized to your current level and goals.
  • Increased Accountability - a Coach will be here specifically ready to work with just you.
  • Coaches hold you accountable to attending each session.
  • Easy Scheduling - After you claim this one time offer we will reach out to schedule your first session with you.
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Special Formula 1: 6-Part Nutritional Video Series
  • • 60 minute meeting where we discuss specifics on what to eat and how to eat.
  • • 30 Day Program specially designed to meet your goals.
  • • How to improve performance, mood, and increase energy.
  • • How to create changes to your body with the food you eat.
Special Formula 2: 6-Part Nutritional Video Series
  • Video 1: Ranking Sugars From Best to Worst
  • Video 2: What are Macronutrients & How to Calculate Them
  • Video 3: Avoiding the 3pm Slump
  • Video 4: The Amazing Benefits of Juicing
  • Video 5: How Often Should I Eat?
  • Video 6: What Food to Eat & Avoid
Special Formula 3: Foods That Fuel Shopping List

Fitness Tip: Remove all “junk food” from your home. You will be less likely to consume it, when it’s not around.

No need to ever again question if something is "healthy" for you or not. Our “Foods That Fuel Shopping List” tells no lies..

This step by step shopping list will guide you through the grocery store. Avoid becoming "suckered in” to buying junk food disguised as "health food".

This is a fool proof shopping list. Just print off a copy, go shopping, and check off each box as you put these items in your cart.

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