Our Classes
CrossFit Class
Whether you are new to CrossFit or looking for the next level, our “All Levels” CrossFit class is for you! CrossFit is a sixty-minute, full-body workout. Training is led by professional Coaches who hold you accountable to achieving your goals. These classes will make you extremely fit, happier, and a more energetic person.
Ready to start achieving fitness results that will last for life, but not sure you are ready for CrossFit? The class is a community-based, circuit-style workout without the use of barbells or high skill gymnastics. The primary focus is on core strength and cardio through running, rowing, and other calisthenics. With the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, and bodyweight movements, you will see results in less than ten days! The class is great for fat-burning, extra conditioning, or as a ramp-up into CrossFit classes.
Fundamentals Course
After your fitness introduction, you and your coach for life will sit down and work to create a personalized plan of action for our fundamentals program that caters to your specific goals and works with your current level of fitness. There is no cookie cutter way to introduce you to our programs and that’s exactly why we have a 1-on-1 fundamentals program! Our fundamentals program is designed to teach you the movements we do in the gym in a safe environment without adding intensity until you show proficiency in the movements. It’s also designed to get you acquainted with your coach for life and to start to meet some of the members in the gym without being involved in the class just yet.
Olympic Weightlifting
This class will build lean muscle and overall body strength. If you’re looking to learn correct strength training techniques, this class will be an excellent addition to your weekly routine. This class will improve efficiency in Olympic weightlifting movements. Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of fitness level or experience.

Class will start with a warm up, move into exercises/drills, full execution of the lifts, and end with core work and a cooldown. The exercises that you do during class will be dependent on your level.

As always, Coaches are here to help guide you. The skills you learn in this class keep you strong, fit, and healthy for life. 
Open Gym
This is a set time where you can come in and perform your own workouts, seek additional help from a Coach, or practice new skills and drills. There is no set workout for this time slot. The freedom is all yours! 
Saturday Hero WOD
This class is a weekly class geared towards advanced level CrossFitters.
Imagine yourself in just 25 days from now. You could be 10 lbs lighter, stronger, full of energy, and feeling great about yourself.
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