Monday July 6

TriPark Strength – At Home Fitness


Two sets of:

Work for :30 on each of the movements.

Plank Hold

Leg Swings (forward and back) (:30 each side)

Lying Hip Circles (:30 each side)

Assisted Air Squats*

Russian Baby Makers

*Grab hold of a wall, counter, something stable, and go to the bottom of the squat and rock around to open up the hips.


6 Sets

5 Tempo Air Squats + 10 Air Squats (no tempo)

Tempo= 5 seconds down, 3 second hold, 5 seconds up


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12:00 – AMRAP

40 Double Taps (or shoulder taps)

20 Sit-sup

10 Jumping Squats

Post WOD Stretching

Banded Hamstring

Banded Iron Cross

Deep Lunge

Thread the needle

Front Rack Stretch (on the ground)

Downward Dog

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