Tuesday November 3

TriPark Strength – CrossFit


Inchworm x 5

Active Quad-Piriformis Walk x 10/leg

Hip Opener x 10/leg

Active Scorpion x 10/leg

Active Iron Cross x 10/leg

Bend and Bow x 10

Butt Kickers x 20

Arm Circles x 10/direction

Shoulder Rolls x 10/direction


Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

-Every 8:00 for 24:00 (3 Rounds)-

800m Run


Floor Press

-DB Floor Press-

3-4 Sets x 10 Reps

After each set, complete:

Banded Plank Row x 8/arm

Banded 1-Arm Dead Bug x 5/side

DB Side Bends x 10/side

Post WOD Stretching

Touch Toes

Deep Lunge

Child’s Pose


Standing Quad Stretch

Calf Stretch

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